I Still Have No Tomatoes

by Latoya
(St Louis, MO.)


This is my first year growing tomato plants. I have them in a huge pot on my patio. There is lots of sun, and my plants are growing with lots of the little yellow flowers on them. But, there's still no tomatoes...and also, how do I stop the squirrels from getting them once I do get the tomatoes?



I'm really glad that you decided to grow your tomatoes in a patio container! I think you'll be glad you did.

At this point in the season, some tomato plants will have fruit on them, and some species will not. Just to give you an example, I'm growing two tomato plants side by side. One is a "Black Crim" species, and the other is a "Mr. Stripey". Here's the lesson for all of us...one plant has two real good size tomatoes on it, the other variety, has many yellow blooms, but no fruit. Both are very healthy, just one is slower than the other.

As far as what to do...besides being patient and waiting for the blooms to turn into fruit, just be sure you are fertilizing the container. Unless you're using a potting soil that already contains slow release fertilizer, you'll need to give the plant miracle grow, or something like it. That will help in the process.

So with that said, sound like you're doing a great job and have a healthy plant that just needs a little more time to produce tomatoes.

As far as squirrels are concerned, the only thing that I can tell you to do, is to place the container up high, or in a place where the squirrel will have a difficult or impossible time reaching the fruit. The ones I've grown on my deck have always been spared by the squirrels, except for just a couple of times. Also, a chicken-wire-type cage could also be homemade to go around the container. Just roll the chicken wire around the container as high as possible and secure it so it stays put. It wouldn't look very good, but it would allow the plant to grow freely while keep the squirrels out.

Great luck to you and all your gardening,

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