Help With Topsy Turvy Tomato Plants

by Judy
(Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA)


Sometimes my leaves wilt, does this mean I am watering them too much or not enough? I feed them tomato plant food every 7 days and I have lots of green least 20 on each one.(I have 2 of them.) I water them in late evening everyday. So why, every now and then, do the leaves wilt?



First, let me cover a couple of things that I believe you are doing very well.

Feeding every 7 days sounds great. (As long as the instructions say to do so). Miracle Grow, for instance, calls for every 7-14 days, but Miracle Grow Potting Mix already has 3 months worth of feeding "built" into the don't feed until after the 3 months is up.

Watering every day is also great. However, there are some days, such as rainy days, that the container perhaps would not need to be watered. So just keep that in mind. I find it difficult to check the soil for dampness in the Topsy Turvy since it is usually above our site line. Read my review on the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter by clicking here.

I would usually say that the occasional wilting of your tomato plant would be from a lack of water. Does the tomato plant recover from the wilting the morning after you water? If that's the case, than perhaps you're not watering enough at a time. Even though you are watering everyday, you could possibly not be putting enough water through the container.

On a side note:
There IS such a thing as tomato
wilt disease. You can read up more on the subject by clicking on the other readers questions below. It really doesn't sound like that is what you're dealing with, though.

One thing that I would suggest, if at all possible, is to water your tomato plants in the morning. Tomato Blight can occur if water sits on the plant leaves. With an upside down container, the water is always draining out of the bottom and onto the leaves. By watering at night, the water is more prone to stay on the leaves before drying, verses watering in the morning. The morning sun and heat will dry out the leaves much quicker. This lessens the possibility of Blight.

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In the end, I think the best thing that you could do, is water in the morning (if you can/and try to SOAK the soil), check the dampness of the soil in the evening (if you can reach the top), and then decide if the soil needs more or less water at a watering. If you haven't seen my little trick for knowing when to water, all you do is use your thumb. Poke your thumb into the soil...if it feels dry, water! If it feels damp, don't water!

At this point, it's most likely a watering issue. Keep a close eye on them for other signs of distress, though.

Good Luck and I'm very glad you have so many tomatoes on your plants.


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Removing the sponge from Topsy Turvey
by: Anonymous

I'm also a victim of wilted leaves on my Topsy Turvey plant. The flowers also wilt and die.

I was wondering if the sponge at the bottom of the container has anything to do with the problem.

I have no pests. There has not been any dramatic weather changes. I water regularly. I am at a loss.

By the way, my other tomato plants in normal containers are doing very well.


Wilting Tomato plant
by: Coral


My TOPSY TURVY tomato plant wilted the first morning after planting. Should I prune some of the dead leaves? Should I let it alone and keep watering ever day as usual. Did I over feed it using Miracle-Grow planting mix plus Miracle Grow Plant food? Will it look better in a few days? Did I shock it?


Hi Coral,
I would say the biggest reason for the wilting is shock. Just keep it watered to the point that the soil is moist.
I would NOT prune anything off of the plant, unless something is obviously dead.

Keep it watered and in a sunny area, and hopefully you'll see the plant bounce back.

Topsy Turvy tomato wilting problems
by: Judy

Thanks Brad,
I think I found my problem, it wasn't the watering, it was the feeding. I noticed the wilting after the feeding like the last time, which I covered my plants and they bounced back. I have good soil and I think the miracle grow plant food for tomatoes burned them. I am trying to nurse it back to health, but it looks grim. My tomatoes still look good but not many leaves survived so the birds are picking at my tomatoes. I'll keep trying though or replant if they don't make it. I am learning, and new to gardening. I DO have a beautiful small garden, which is already producing okra and squash, and the plants are beautiful and I have 6 tomato plants in it also with a lot of tomatoes on them (can you tell I love home grown tomatoes? lol) Thanks for posting I appreciate the help!

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