Healthy Green Tomato Plant Wilts In About 30 min

by Alan
(Torrington, CT)


We are experimenting growing hanging potted tomato plants--we have 8 plants. We are using better boy and bush tomatoes in Lowe's 5 gallon buckets, soil mixture is miracle grow mulch and top soil. The experiment is going very well, we are watering twice a day, using 10-10-10 every week. The plants are very green with a lot of tomatoes.

Then, yesterday one plant just went limp in about 30 min. We flushed it with water last night and it partially recovered. But it is not doing well in the sun and is limp again--we are still flushing.

Any ideas as to what is wrong?


Here's what I'm thinking. You probably are dealing with Tomato Wilt Disease. This is where a soil borne fungus causes the water-carrying vessels in the tomato plant to loose their ability to transport water to all parts of the plant.

When first noticed, usually a good watering will cause the plant to "revive". However, the longer the disease has, the worse the plant gets. In other words, you could water it multiple times a day and nothing would help. In the end, it most certainly will die....all from a lack of water.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop Tomato Wilt Disease. However, for further prevention, the plant and it's soil should be discarded to a location that won't affect any other plants. The fungus can stay alive in soil for many years!!

The first alarming comment you made when reading your question, was your use of top soil. Most likely that is where the soil borne fungus came from. If that's true, further use of that soil for gardening should be stopped.

I hope this helps you out in knowing what the cause is,

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