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I have a hanging tomato plant. Some leaves seem to be turning yellow, although. I only water it about 5 times a week, there are plenty of flower buds on the plant. How long does it take for the tomatoes to appear? I planted it the week before Memorial day.


Hello Gardener,

The upside down tomato planters, in my opinion, can hard to judge for water level. Click here for my review on them. Review.

My initial thought about your watering frequency, is that it might be too much. From my stand point, it's really hard to say, though. BUT most often, if know other signs of disease or insects are present, yellowing leaves are a result of over-watering.

If you could somehow touch the soil on the top of the planter before watering, you could check to see if the top 1 inch layer is dry or moist. If it's dry, water the container. If it's moist, don't water it.

The good thing is, yellowing leaves are usually nothing to worry about. You'll just need to adjust your watering schedule as described above to see them disappear over time.

As far as when you should expect fruit, without knowing the type of tomato plant you have, I can't say. Although I can tell you that some species require a few months. If you have buds, you are doing great. If you are not fertilizing, start a schedule for that as well. That will help the process. Waiting for tomatoes on several types can be hard...just hang in there...they will come!!


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