Growing Tomatoes from Seed

by Ginu

If you want to grow tomatoes from seed, sow your seeds indoors six to eight weeks before the last frost. Tomato seeds are very sensitive and planting them directly into your garden probably won’t yield results. The ideal temperature for germinating tomato seeds is 85o F. It will take five to seven weeks before the seedlings are ready to plant outside.

Depending on your gardening zone, March is usually a good month to get your seedlings underway. You can start your plants in flats or large pots, and after they get their true leaves, you can transplant them into individual paper cups or plant bands. Growing your seedlings in paper cups or plant bands simplifies transplanting. By slitting the paper cup down one side or by removing the band the roots are left intact and undisturbed.

Use a good potting soil of one-third garden soil, one-third sand, and one-third compost. Keep the soil nice and moist and place the flats in the sunniest window you have. When the weather becomes reasonably warm set the plants outdoors in the sun during the day and bring them inside at night. This will help to make the plants hardy.

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