Growing Great Tomatoes

by Ardith
(Longmont, CO. USA)

When looking for tomatoes to plant in your garden, you should buy tomato plants instead of planting from seeds. Seeds take a long time to mature and most of the small plants do not survive. Tomato plants that have matured have a better chance at succeeding, since they are one quarter to half grown.

Tomato plants can be set out earlier in the Spring, while small, immature plants need protection from the weather, such as the hot, midday sun, and they need more watering. When planting the established plants, be sure the soil is abundant with potting soil or organic material, and that the hole you dig is wide and deep enough for the plant roots to spread.

Make sure the tomatoes catch plenty of sunlight, but also some shade in part of the day. Watering is still a must with grown plants, but a good inch of water, once a week, should do the trick. If the weather has been extremely arid, water at least twice per week, giving them a good soaking.

A fertilizer once a month will produce larger and sweeter tomatoes. If possible, raise the tomatoes in a greenhouse with an air cooler to keep them from burning. Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse will keep he skin of the tomato soft, luscious, and will be easier to eat.

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