Garden Interview:

Susan Reimer

Susan Reimer

Always writing, always photographing, Susan Reimer does it all. For over 16 years she has written for the Baltimore Sun, while for the past few years many readers have so enjoyed her blog, Garden Variety.

Full of tips, ideas, and techniques, anyone can learn a thing or two from this wisdom-filled lady. A modest person, she definitely knows years worth of knowledge. We're fortunate enough to perhaps learn a few things about her and find a tip or two ourselves.

A million thanks goes out to Susan for taking the time to share a little bit about herself with us.

Let's find out more about this wonderful lady!!

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Susan Reimer Interview

1. Who/what was your inspiration for gardening and at what age did you identify that you had a love of gardens?

I didn't take any interest in gardening until my husband and I purchased our first home. That, and a visit to my editor's home (I was a sportswriter at the time), turned me onto gardening.

But it has been a slow process of learning, which really didn't begin in earnest until my children were old enough to leave me alone in the garden!

2. Do any of your two adult children or your husband, Gary, share your love of gardening?

My husband, God bless him, edges my beds, keeps the grass looking great and does all my "heavy lifting." He says my gardens look like& the gardens of a woman who has time on her hands. (SOOO not true!).

Joe at 18 painted a picture of my gardens for Mother's Day, a painting that remains possibly my most cherished possession. He's now a Marine helo pilot and doesn't do much painting!

Jessie used to like to be in the garden with me, but she is 23 now and has a job and many more interests. It is OK. They will come to it in their own time.

Susan Reimer Interview

3. What would be your top 2 favorite types of gardening? (Ex: Perennial Gardening, Container Gardening.) And for our readers sake, from where do you find your inspiration?

I love perennial gardening, especially shade gardening. I seem to have my best success there. I don't seem to have the "eye" for container mixes, though I try, and I had to give up vegetable gardening when the trees grew too big and produced too much shade!

I try very hard to "copy" the themes and constructs that I see in other people's gardens, in magazines and catalogs. But it is always a work in progress and I am never completely happy. That is the nature of gardening, though!

4. What pre-planning would you advise gardeners to do before they start a project?

Oh wow. Let's see. Start small. Get the soil tested to see what it needs and then amend it with Compro or compost. There is nothing like good soil.

Measure and then create a plan on paper. Make sure you account for how large a plant, shrub or tree is going to be when it matures and plant accordingly.

Don't crowd your garden because you are in a hurry to have it look full. Plant something that will be in bloom in each of the seasons.

Ask for advice from a neighbor whose garden you like or from someone at a home and garden center.

And be patient.

Susan Reimer Interview

5. Can you offer any advice to beginner gardeners or even seasoned gardeners who lack some confidence?

Pretty much what I said in No 4. Be patient. You will have lots of failures. Don't be hard on yourself. Read lots of books and blogs and magazines and you will absorb a lot of knowledge without even knowing it.

Susan, thanks so much for your time and advice. We wish you many happy days ahead in your writing.

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Thanks Susan!

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