Fruit Ripening

by Madison
(Chicago, IL)


My Tomatoes are in a container and are growing very tall and lush and have produced a lot of little tomatoes. The plant continues to grow but the fruit doesn't seem to be continuing to grow or ripen?


Without knowing the type of tomato plant you have, I'll just say with long as the plant is not showing any signs of disease, you'll just have to be patient. Some varieties even are "made" to produce smaller fruit. It all depends upon the species of tomato plant. As well, certain varieties won't ripen till mid to late summer.

For example, I just picked my first ripe tomato yesterday. I have very healthy tomato plants, but the type that I grew this year don't ripen until around this time.

Just make sure that you are practicing a schedule of fertilizing. (Miracle Grow is good for containers) Also, if the pot is not getting 6-8 hours of sun, try moving it to a location that would. Longer periods of sun than 6-8 would be fine as well.

I hope this helps or eases your mind,

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