Flower Planting Guide D-H

Use our Flower Planting Guide to learn the best planting and care for your Perennials. Our Plant Locator will make the job easy.

In everyones quest for just the right look with their Garden/Container Garden, we should never forget about the great contrast Perennial Flowers can make with your patio garden, deck plants, hanging baskets, etc.

With some Perennials reaching 4-5 feet in height, these guys can certainly achieve a dramatic effect that a lot of annuals just can't match.

On the other hand, some of the Perennials in this flower gardening guide reach only a height of 6 inches. So the range of height is one "card in the deck" that we should always hold dear.

Create a simple perennial garden or a large one. Make an annual/perennial container garden combination. The sky is the limit!

Think about color, height, watering needs, full sun/shade, and use the flower identification guide to form the Garden/Container Garden of your dreams.

Elephant's Ear (Bergenia)

Plant can grow to 3-5ft in height

Full Sun or even average Shade

Blooms Late Winter/Early Spring

Delphinium (Delphinium)

Plant grows up to 39-78 inches. in height

Requires Full Sun
(Protect from Strong Winds)

Blooms All Summer

Container Gardening Tip

Since some of your Perennial choices will have substantial height, larger container gardening pots will be needed. Since large concrete containers are extremely heavy, check out gardening in containers made of plastic or fiberglass. (Most are really lightweight and look very authentic.)

Daylily (Hemerocallis)

Plant grows 10-39 inches in height

Does well in Full Sun or Very Light Shade

Blooms Late Spring until Fall

Honey Bush (Melianthus Major)

Plant can grow to 6ft. in height

Needs All Day Sun

Blooms Late Summer Through Winter

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