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Use these Flower Guides for suggestions of great annual flowers. Each flower finder provides great plant care guides. This flower planting guide will hopefully help you find a few plants that will make your Annual Container Gardening experience a delight.

All are well suited to use as deck plants for patio gardening. Most, as potted plants, can simply be placed on the steps or stairs of your home or apartment.

The plant care guides will also give you some container gardening tips. It will help you choose the right location for sun or shade needs. As well as inform you of the height and length of blooming time.

All very important when choosing flowers for your Creation!!

Container Gardening Ideas will hopefully blossom!! (Play on Words!)

African Daisy (Arctotis)

Plant grows to 18 inches in height

Requires a lot of Full Sun
(All Day if Possible)

Blooms from Early Summer until Frost

Begonia (Begonia)

Tuberous: 8-10 inches
Wax: 8 inches

Does best in Partial Shade
(Protect from Direct Sun)

Blooms from Early Summer until Frost

Daisy (Bellis)

Plant grows 4-8 inches in height

Needs Full Sun for Early Blooming

Blooms from Early Spring to the Summer

Container Gardening Tip

Remember that some plants come as a dwarf variety. Always try to look for patio gardening, patio, dwarf, etc. on the label.

Bush Violet (Browallia)

Plants grow to 12 inches in height

Needs Full Sun
(Can't stand Poor Drainage)

Blooms from Early Summer until Frost

Floss Flower (Ageratum)

Dwarf grows to 6 in While Tall Varieties to 2 1/2Ft

Needs Full Sun

Blooms from Summer until Frost

Cosmos (Cosmos)

Container Varieties grow 1-2 feet

Full Sun is a must!

Blooms from Early Summer until Frost

Flame Nettle/Coleus (Solenostemon)

Grows from 8-18 inches in height

Needs Full Sun
(Protect from steady wind)

Color of Leaves stays until Frost

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