Flower Guide For Perennials

This Flower Guide for Perennials will help narrow your search by using our plant locator and plant care guides.

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A Perennial container garden is a favorite among many container growers and for many reasons.

With the advantages of container planting, such as the ease of rearranging and a controlled soil environment, with perennials, add on the advantage of flowers coming back every year.

Container Gardening Tip

Keep in mind, Perennials will return only if the winters in your area aren't too harsh. In some areas where there is a freeze/thaw action over and over, there would be the threat of root disturbance and/or cracking of the container gardening pots.

Also along that same line, hard freezes could even kill the plant entirely.

Never fear though, many hardy perennials will come back the following spring in a milder plant zone.

Family container gardening

Some container gardeners enjoy using perennials as annuals.

Either way is great.

If you choose to keep them from year to year and do live in a harsh winter zone, you can always Over-winter Perennials.

Find an area of your home such as a sun room, or if you're lucky enough to have a greenhouse, that's the ideal spot for the cold winter that's a comin'.

Container Gardening Tip

Wherever you land your perennials, the location needs to have a steady temperature.

A range between 32°F-45°F is great. Also, watering plants sparingly is a must! However, mist the plants often, but neither fertilize nor prune. Don't worry if they wilt some or even loose a few leaves. The care of flowers is minimal. All your doing over the winter is keeping them alive.

Hence the term,...Overwinter!

To conclude, you basically have three choices in a Perennial Container Garden:

  • You can treat them as annuals
  • Leave them outside for the winter
  • You can bring them indoors to overwinter them

Either way, your Container Garden will thank you for bringing in such a wide variety of design and color. Perennials can add a flair and pizazz that annuals don't. Use Perennials alone or make a container garden combination using both annuals and perennials.

A Superb Container Garden Design is in your future.

Can you see it??

Below, the plant guides index several Perennials that will do well in your containers.

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