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Container Gardening Choices: W-Z

Flower Finder has the most sought after flowers in our plant guides-index. Let's use it to boost our imagination into a great and wonderful Container Garden.

Whether it's a cheap plastic planter or a solitary deck plant, you can make it into your own pride and joy. Just because you've never put together some collection of exotic plants into a container gardening combination you'd see in Garden Gate,.....


We all have to start somewhere!

Most flower planting guides tons of gardening information that can be useful. However, in these plant identification guides, you'll find only what you need to know to choose the right flowers for planter gardening.

One quick note before you start the hunt. Try to pay close attention to the plant identification guide and tags located on the flower. If there is a choice between a dwarf variety or normal, choose the dwarf variety.

I list in the flower finder below, which ones grow as dwarfs. However, it's always easy to forget when you get caught up in the moment of flower- buying at your local nursery.

Happy Hunting!!

Wild Pansy/Johnny Jump Up (Viola Tricolor)

Plant grows 4-12 inches in height

Does well in Sun or light Shade

Blooms All Summer

Wishbone Flower (Torenia)

Plant grows no more than 12 inches in height

Full Sun

Blooms All Summer

Verbena (Verbena)

Plant grows to 6-12 Tall

Requires a lot of Full Sun
(Does well even in heat and low watering)

Blooms All Summer

Viola (Viola Cornuta)

Plant grows to 6 inches in height

Does well in Sun or some Shade

Blooms All Summer

Zinnia (Zinnia)

Plant grows to 6 inches in height

Requires Full Sun
(Likes Heat but Needs Shelter)
(Does well even with low watering)

Blooms Mid-Summer 'til Frost

Wallflower (Cheiranthus)

Plant grows to 8-18 inches in height

Needs Full Sun
(Has a Wonderful Scent)

Blooms Late Winter until Spring

Vinca (Catharanthus)
(Also known as Periwinkle)

Grows to 4-12 inches in height

Full Sunto Partial Shade

Blooms All Summer until Frost

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