Family's First Garden/Indoor Gardening

by Darrell
(Fort Worth, TX)



I have been browsing through info on your helpful website. I would like to start a garden for my family of 6 but the dirt where we live is horrible.

An indoor garden is the only way to go for us. The problem I have run into, is having enough room for vegetables, a few fruits and maybe a few herbs. Is it possible to build something that isn't that large-that could possibly fit into a 4-5 ft area in our kitchen?
I have noticed plans for growing one plant in the container but not like a tray of 12 plants. If there is any info you could give me it would be greatly appreciated.



First of all, I think it's really great that you are exploring the idea of an indoor garden to grow your own produce for your family. Way to go!!

My first thoughts on this endeavor is this:

A 4-5 foot area in your kitchen might prove to be too small. I'm just a little unclear on how much you want to grow, but given your comment regarding 12 plants in a tray urges me to think you would like to grow a lot.

My first concern is that for example, ONE single tomato plant would require at least a 12" pot that was at least 12" deep. (That's actually pretty would do better with a larger container).

Now let's say, you wanted a couple of those, plus some herbs and maybe some pepper plants etc.? That 4-5 foot area of your kitchen could be swallowed up very quickly.

All of that to say this! I'm not discouraging your idea at all. I do suppose a person could build a box that almost resembled a raised bed garden. I've never seen one indoors, but I guess you could give it a try. Then, you could almost divide it into sections like you were going to square foot garden. I don't have any plans for square foot gardening except for what discussed in that interview.

I believe what I would do is this:

With whatever you decide on, start out with only the veggies, etc. that you really desire to grow. Watch them and take note of their growth and the amount of space that they require. If space permits, than by all means add another plant or herb to the area.

I truly believe what you are wanting to do CAN be done, just don't underestimate the amount of room that just 12 plants of ANYTHING would require.

Sometimes a flat of tomato plants, or whatever, can be misleading. To reach their full potential, those 12 plants would need an extremely large amount of room. Would a 4-5 foot area be large enough? I think you'll have to be the one to make that decision based on what you will grow.

Good Luck and please write back to let us know what you decide on!


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