Fairy Garden Ideas: Painted Gnomes

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening for You)

hidden treasures in your own backyard

hidden treasures in your own backyard

Fairy Garden Ideas: Painted Gnomes

Image used under a creative commons licence with the kind permission of Percita and Flickr

These gnomes are from a garden in Southern Australia.

We've once again deviated a bit from the traditional fairy scene, but I love the way the natural sculptural elements and bark outgrowths have become the faces and bodies of little gnomes (the fairy's clunkier, hairier cousin).

Find some interesting bark, or rocks and paint whatever you see in it. It can be abstract colors and shapes, or faces and creatures.

This is a great exercise for kids as well. We all see shapes in the clouds; well, let them pick out things with cool shapes and tell them to paint what they see. You can have truly unique fairy art this way!

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