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Using an Earth Box, I have enjoyed growing tomatoes for many years. I have discovered the easiest and best way to grow all of the tomatoes I have ever wantedand then some.

Plus I have them ripen weeks before any one else and can easily be tasting my first vine ripened tomato by the 4th of July..

I start off in the winter (about 8 weeks before the last frost) growing tomato seedlings from seeds. I always try 6 or 7 different varieties. From cherry tomatoes to very large tomatoes as well.

I grow the tomato seedlings under a grow light. About 5 weeks later I begin to put them outside on the warmerdays..starting with just an hour or so at first...then building up accordingly during the next week or 10 days. This helps to harden them off.

Container Garden In Earth Box

I then take the seedlings and plant them in an earth-box planter on wheels... following their instructions very closely regarding the plant placement and fertilizer, etc.

I then have the plants outside maybe 2 weeks before the expected last date of frost for the area. If it gets too cold, I just take the box off the deck and wheel them into the garage until the threat of frost has passed.

Using this method, I always have the first tomatoes of anyone by weeks... and they are so easy to grow in the boxes as it requires no weed pulling and you cannot over-water them.

The reason you can't over-water them, is that these boxes use a reservoir system with a drain hole on the bottom of the box. Thus one fills the reservoir and the tomato plants get all of the water they need from the ground-below the plant. No water ever touches their leaves,etc. So the chance for a disease is greatly reduced.

Also, the black plastic that covers the ground that the plants grow through helps to keep the soil much warmer than the outside ground and really helps the plants to bloom sooner.

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If you're trying to find a good place to start, click on the link below and you'll find a really great kit that I HIGHLY recommend. It comes with literally everything you need to start.

Earth Box Garden Kit Terra Cotta

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