Drainage Holes for Winter Sowing

by Kathy


Brad, I'm seeing a lot of conflicting info on how many drainage holes you would need in the bottom of a gallon size milk jug! You suggested 4, while others are saying 4 in EACH quarter of the bottom of the jug, besides some up the sides--that's quite a difference!!! Some sites said that DRAINAGE IS REALLY KEY, because if you don't have enough your seeds will drown when the spring rains come, and I sure don't want that to happen. Can you clarify this matter please? Also--I made the mistake of cutting through the milk jug before I put the drainage holes in, and now I'm trying to drill holes in the bottom with an electric drill, which is taking forever! Is there an easier way to do this? Thanks for your help!


Hi Kathy,
This is just the way I have always done it and I have never had one single problem with drainage. I suppose if one used a small bit, you would need to do many more than I suggest.

Concerning the drilling after cutting the jugs...I did that my first year and never found a way around it except exactly what you are probably doing....Holding them the best I can and trying to keep from drilling through my hand!

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Cutting drainage holes in your jugs---EASILY
by: Lisa

I bought a glue gun & use it to make drainage holes. You just plug the gun in-get it hot and use the pointed tip to BURN holes in the plastic! (I bought my gun @ Meijer for $3. I made sure to get one of the cheapest ones...)

Easy and quick way to drill holes in milk jugs
by: Cean

Suggestion to help drill thru the bottoms of your milk jugs. Take all or many (at least) of jug bottoms and nestle one into the other like a stack of plactic/paper cups. This will provide substance for the drill bit.

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