Do I ever need to bring my containers inside?

by Denise
(Chicago, IL)


I live in Chicago, IL and it's my first year sowing- ever! I just seeded in clear containers last week (March 16th). It was warm and they were outside but now we're getting snow and cold down to 15 degrees at night. Can and should I bring them inside overnight and open their lids? In the morning, I can return them, lid closed to the sunlight Also- I'll be away all weekend- should I just leave them out in the snow? I'd like to plant them May 1st.



Hi Denise,
You never have to bring them indoors. The seeds inside the container are "made" to withstand cold temperatures, snow, etc.

As hard as it seems, just put them out and don't worry about them. My first year was hard as well.

Trust me, all will be fine....even if you leave for the weekend!

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