Different Winter Sowing Times For Different Plants?

by Kathy
(Loveland, Colorado)

Different Winter Sowing Times For Different Plants?

I've read on some web sites that they recommend sowing "tender" things, like tomatoes, in March or even April. Is this necessary?

I would think that mother nature would know best when seedlings should start coming up based on the type of plant.

The only danger would be if we had a warm winter followed by a cold blast once the seedlings are up in their mini-greenhouses.

What would you recommend?

Editor's reply: I wouldn't get overly complicated. Remember, if you were NOT winter sowing, then you would not even be thinking of starting seedlings until March or April, and then indoors! So you will have plenty of time to seed indoors if your winter sown projects don't work out.

Remember the 80-20 rule applies to everything in life, including seeds. 20 percent of the plants will produce 80 percent of the crop.

So even if four in five of your seed 'greenhouses' don't produce much, or anything, the fifth will make up for it.

Please get in touch in the spring with your results by using the Comments link below. Good luck!

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