David's Seeds Stevia Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Stevia is a wonderful herb to grow at home, for it is a natural sweetener and used as an herbal alternative to sugar.

Its incredibly sweet leaves are 10-15 times sweeter than table sugar. Diabetics are often advised to replace sugar with stevia substitutes.

It can be used fresh, dried, powdered, or in liquid form to sweeten all your foods and beverages.

Grow bushy, high yielding Stevia plants at home with this packet of Herb Stevia Seeds by David's Garden Seeds.

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Easy to cultivate: Stevia is actually pretty easy to cultivate as long as you put in proper care and attention

Medicinal uses: Apart from its kitchen use, the leaves can also be used as a wound healer, a treatment for hypoglycemia, and a digestive aid. The plant is also found to be effective against tooth decay

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