Curling of Leaves and New Buds on my Young Tomato Plants


Our tomato plants are about three weeks old. I have noticed recently that the leaves are curling and the very small leaves, not yet opened, are also curling.

I also noticed that the same thing is occuring on my eggplant leaves.


That's Tomato Leaf Curl. Most of the time this is caused by stress from the environment, such as cool days with rain.

You also need to think about exposure to herbicides. Has your yard been sprayed by you or a landscape company....what about the neighbors? Also, has grass clippings which might have been in contact with herbicides been used on or near the tomato plants?

Too much pruning can also cause Leaf Curl.

The good news, is the plants almost always bounce back from this and it won't affect the fruiting. So nothing needs to be done. Just wait!!

Great Luck to You!!

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