Corner Gun Cabinet

Corner Gun Cabinet: Corners waste space in many furniture layout plans because few designs fulfill a function in that area. Furniture shoved into a corner is often less than accessible or usable.

This type of wooden gun cabinet is an excellent way to make good use of that typically non-functional part of the room. Here are three reasons for putting your gun cabinet in the corner.

  1. It takes up less space - You may have a hard sell to convince your wife of the importance of your gun cabinet in the first place. If you position it in the corner, it won't be as imposing as it would in the middle of a wall, especially in a room with limited wall space (which is most of them).

  2. This type of cabinet looks more like a part of the house - The cabinet that slides snugly into a corner resembles a built-in feature of the home. If base, crown molding, and other casing trims have a stained finish, a cabinet can have the same stain applied to blend in better with the room.

  3. Properly equipped it provides a night light - A corner gun cabinet with interior lighting can provide enough illumination for excursions in the middle of the night and also provide mood lighting. From the corner, more of the light is useful because it only has to cover a ninety-degree scope. Additionally, the light is less obtrusive than it might be in the center of the wall.

Two Kinds of Corner Gun Cabinets

There are primarily two types of these wooden gun cabinets. The simplest corner cabinet resembles a triangle when looking down from above it. It is straight across the front and ideal for a few rifles and shotguns. The kick against it is there is limited space inside because of the narrowing design toward the rear.

A general size for the flush corner cabinet is around 36" across the front and it only comes out of the corner about 18" both ways. This cabinet holds about seven guns comfortably, and has storage beneath behind wooden doors.

The other corner style has a 3-sided front that pops out to allow for more space inside. There are three glass panels on the front, but only the center panel is a door.

The same is true of the wooden storage area beneath the long guns. This cabinet comes out 29" from the corner in both directions, which means it takes up considerably more floor space than the 7-gun model.

Inside, an oval mounting bracket allows more long guns than would be possible if the bracket were straight. This cabinet will hold fourteen guns total. Due to its design, other narrow furniture can fit up close to it on either side.

Many architects and interior designers like to incorporate angled walls into their layouts. You also see the same with sofas and component furniture. This look has long been one that appeals to people, and the corner gun cabinet makes good use of the concept.

Corner Gun Cabinet

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