Converting an Aquarium Into A Terrarium

by Sandra


I have a 30 gallon aquarium and would like to convert it into a terrarium. What plants are the best to put into it? I have the small gravel that I want to use as a bottom base...can I put Christmas Cactus in it???


Hi Sandra
Great question about converting an Aquarium into a Terrarium. That's a very popular thing to do, and you should have great luck in doing so.
Some great choices for a simple but elegant looking Terrarium would be these plants.
* Miniature Violets
* Shefflera
* Small Palm
* Small Juniper
* Irish Moss

They shouldn't cost you much, and will be easy to maintain.

However, if you're wanting to grow cacti in the terrarium, you would need to make a desert type environment. Only specific plants will do well in this environment.

Visit here to see a list of specific plants for specific environments (desert, humid, etc.). You'll see the lists in the highlighted boxes:
Terrarium Plants

Some other choices can be found here:
More Choices

I hope this helps and feel free to ask any other questions.


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