Controlling Tomato Blight

I took one plant out that had blight already, what do I do with the others that were beside it. They look like they have spots. Is there anything I can do to save the rest of the tomato plants? Please help...


We're sorry you're having to deal with Tomato Blight. Keep in mind, that this horrible disease can spread fast. So, you'll need to act quickly.

The first thing to do is invest in a fungicide that is marketed for treatment of blight. Spray that on all of your tomato plants. Try not to spray it on ripe tomatoes.

You'll need to prune off infected leaves and branches as well. As oddly as it sounds, I would BURN the plants that you pull up along with any infected leaves, etc. that are pruned.

Also, if at all possible, use a different location next year when planting your tomatoes.


Never water tomato plants directly over their leaves. Always water at the base of the plant. Excessive moisture "laying" on the leaves can lead to blight.

Good Luck To You,

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