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Container Gardening Tips: The must have tips for getting all your container planting and designs done the proper way. I sometimes feel the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words", really applies to the majority of people.

With that said, container garden designs aren't easy for some, and ideas just don't pop in the heads of a lot of gardeners.

So, if your looking for help on picking the right planter, soil, or for example, you have thoughts of planters for fall,'re in for an informative ride.

In these pages, you'll find a great deal of information through short video clips. Grab a pencil and paper, and make some notes as we go.

container garden tips

Each of the gardening videos can spark a world of container garden ideas. However, planter gardens can be much wider than Perennials and Annuals.

So, if you don't see what you're looking for here, check out our Ideas and Methods page for more ideas.

Container Gardening Tips

Choosing Containers

Find superb information on how to effectively find the proper garden pot for your next "Planter Project".

Container Gardening Drainage

Drainage can either make or break a planter. Find the best tips to ensure your pot is draining properly.

Container Planting

Look at these tips and videos to find everything from root-bound solutions, soil mixing, placement of plants in the pot, and much more!

Container Gardening Design

Tune in to these WONDERFUL videos for great design combination's and suggestions for Annual and Perennial choices.

Container Garden Care Guide

Now that you've learned about the pot, how to plant your flowers, saw some wonderful ideas on a design,.....we can now pick up some great tips on care.

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