Plan Your Container Gardening Design With These Tips and Techniques

You might ask, "So what exactly is a Container Garden? What exactly is a Container Gardening Design? How do you construct a Container Garden Design?"

You've heard the expression, "we're in the same boat". Well, welcome to my boat!

I used to wonder the same things. Over time, I've realized that planter gardening is a really fun and easy way to garden.

Being a mini-garden in a container, a container garden can be designed in a simple way, but also designed into something more extravagant.

Said simply, most Container Gardeners like to design with a Thriller, some Fillers, and also some Spillers.

What that means, is you usually put a tall, large, eye-catching flower in the middle as your center-piece. In and around that "thriller", you place medium sized plants to fill in some of the space of the container. Lastly, you add plants that spill over the sides of the planter. Thus giving the sometimes muted edges and sides of the container, color and texture.

I said it on another page. A picture is worth a thousand words. If that's the case, I wonder what a video is worth?

Container Gardening Design Videos

Container Gardening Tip

As you watch the tutorials, please keep in mind some basics. Get the proper sized container with good drainage holes. Get good potting medium. And find flowers with the same sun and water requirements. And always remember to keep your mini-garden watered accordingly.

Containers can dry out SO quickly. Especially the smaller ones!

This TREMENDOUS video will educate us on a wide variety of container gardening combination's. We actually hear the names and see the plants together with their color and texture right before our eyes.

The thriller, filler, and spiller method is explained here. We'll see what happens when, for example, the thriller is taken out and substituted with another thriller. A hands on approach to see the dramatic difference one can make with the change of a single plant.

Click ONCE on the small arrow at the bottom-left-corner of the screen (not the arrow in the middle of the screen) to watch this video.

Watch this Container Gardening Video to see another thought provoking example of a great container garden combination. You'll once again hear the names of the flowers going into the pot.

Great, Great, Great!!

Click ONCE on the small arrow at the bottom-left-corner of the screen (not the arrow in the middle of the screen) to watch this video.

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