Container Garden Design: A = Lobelia, B = Cineraria

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Pictures of Flowers: A = Lobelia, B = Cineraria

Pictures of Flowers: A = Lobelia, B = Cineraria

Pictures of Flowers: A = Lobelia, B = Cineraria
Green and purple, wonderful combo!

Container Garden Design: A = Lobelia, B = Cineraria

Image used under a creative commons licence with the kind permission of Helen Olney and Flickr

Symmetrical arrangement on a windowsill, two clay pots and one whimsical ram planter filled with lobelia and cineraria in cool colors.

Both lobelia and cineraria are spring bloomers that prefer part shade.

Lobelia is a perfect choice for containers in spring and early summer.

It's a tender perennial most often used as an annual, as it tends to die in midsummer in warmer zones. Sometimes cutting it down by half when it starts to look thinner might help it bloom till frost.

Lobelia requires a rich potting mix and regular watering to keep the soil evenly moist. Some varieties have a trailing growth habit, making lobelia a good choice for the front of containers placed in part shade. It is available in white and rich, saturated shades of blue, as well as violet and red.

Cineraria bears single and bi-colored flowers, similar to daisies, on stems emerging from a rosette of green, textured leaves.

Cineraria does well in part shade. They prefer a rich soil that's kept evenly moist, but do not over-water, as it can lead to yellowing of the leaves and powdery mildew.

To keep cineraria blooming, remove spent flowers. Fertilize in early spring with a balanced formula to promote flowering. They are prone to aphid problems. You can knock them down with a blast of water from your hose.Want more? Use the arrows below to see more lovely container garden designs, all with identified plants and care advice.

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