Container Flower Gardening Ideas: Succulents

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Container Flower Gardening Ideas: Succulents

Container Flower Gardening Ideas: Succulents

Container Flower Gardening Ideas: Succulents
Container Flower Gardening Ideas: Succulent desert rose

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If you're looking for a no-maintenance (or at least, low-maintenance) container gardening solution, and you like pale, understated colors like white, silver, green and yellow, then we have the perfect idea.

Succulents (also known as fat plants) are equipped to deal with arid climates, like deserts.

They retain water in their thick leaves and specially-adapted stems. This means a careless owner can "forget" to water them for a long period of time with few to no ill effects...

Here are some examples of popular succulents that will look great in your container displays:

Zamioculcas - beautiful, tall, elegant plants with clusters of tapered leaves.

Well-known for its syrup, Name Your Link is a lovely, spiky cactus-like plant that will look great alongside more demonstrative succulents.

If you like spider plants but don't want them to die, Chlorophytum is a very similar-looking plant that is a member of the succulent family.

Hesperaloe will bring tons of color to your displays, as well as some dramatic shapes!

Lovely spiky fans, Cordyline come in reds, browns and greens.

Also known as the ponytail palm, Beaucarnea is a great way to lend drama to a display.

Nolina is like an explosion of spiky life! It's usually dark green or silver-green in color.

Sansevieria has a wonderful green and white, pointed leaf that looks awesome in a display.

Scilloideae have delicate blue flowers, perfect to bring some color into a succulent container gardening display.

Looking for something weird? Bowiea (Climbing Sea Onion) is a strange one all right!

Eucomis is another beautiful flowering succulent that grows into vertical trumpets of color.

Desert rose, also known as Adenium Obesum, is stunningly pretty, and will bring powerful color to your succulent containers.

If you've used succulent plants in container gardening displays, or have other ideas, please use the Comments link below.

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