Common Sorrel Seeds

by Ashley Cotter-Cairns
(Container Gardening For You)

Sorrel is a hardy herb native to grassy places, open woodland, or mountain ledges.

It is a short-lived perennial often found across British Isles and does best in mildly acidic soils.

They can be pureed to add flavor to your soups and sauces, or be eaten as a salad green.

If you'd like to cultivate this plant at home, you can start with some of these Common Sorrel Seeds.

The young, tender leaves of Sorrel make outstanding soups and enhance the flavor of other greens.

It has an unbelievably sharp, lemony taste similar to that of a grape skin due to the presence of oxalic acid.

The leaves are shaped much like spinach leaves with colors ranging from pale to dark green. You can use them in salads and in sauce making.

It can be cooked like spinach or used as a salad green, but it is advised you use it sparingly. The plants bear reddish-green flower that usually blooming around May to August and becoming purplish.

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High Vitamin C content: The leaves are rich in Vitamin C and are used by some to soothe canker sores

Toxic: Sorrel is harmless when consumed in small quantities; but could be fatal in large quantities because it contains oxalic acid

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