Can I Replant This Cactus?
Pruning Cacti

by Pam


I have a cacti that had died,(was all dried out), I had it sitting in a platter type container with other plants. When I watered the other plants, this little dead plant got water too..well, it came back to life, but it has an arm sticking out of this dead part-sideways-and I don't know how I'm going to replant it.
I'm afraid if I bury the dead part it may just kill the whole plant but, it really looks strange sticking out the side of the dead one the way it is. It's also getting another arm coming out above the other shoot..what am I to do?


Hi Pam,
That's certainly an interesting story!!

I think without seeing the cactus, my advice would be this:

With leather gloves on (and a face mask if the cactus has fine fuzz or needles), I would simply prune off the "dead" portions of the cactus.

If it's extremely thick, you could use a small saw, but pruning shears will do the trick if it's not too thick.

That process is just like pruning dead branches from off a tree that still has "live" branches.

I don't think I would bury the dead section. In the end, that might not do any harm (I'm pretty sure it wouldn't), but pruning off the dead pieces is the best way to go.

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