A Caladium
How-To Guide

Container Garden Water Caladium

House Plant or Tropical
Zone_7 Zone_10 Zone 7-10
Water_use_4 Water_use_4 High Water Use
Exposure_3 Exposure_2 Full Shade to Part Shade
2' 6" (75cm) High
18" (45cm) Wide
Rapid Growth Rate

These plants are a genus of tropical plants native to South America. They are prized for their large, decorative leaves, whichcan be a combination green and red, green and white, or red and white depending of the variety. They achieve full growth in one growing season. They are not cold-hardy, but their tubers may be dug up, stored, and replanted after the last frost.


Plant bulbs outdoors once soil temperatures have reached 70 degrees. Tubers will rot if placed in cold soil. Keep the soil moist, but not wet.

After lifting the bulb for winter storage, allow them to dry out for a week. Then clean dry soil and dead leaves from the tubers and pack them in dry peat moss or vermiculite. Store them where the temperature will not drop below 50 degrees.


They are great in borders, either mixed with other foliage plants or with flowers. They also make terrific house plants.


These plants can suffer tuber rot as a result of improper storage.

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