Building Raised Beds Against a Wall

by Si E Wong


Thank you for your nice video on YouTube on the basics of a raised bed.

I have a narrow strip of land along my driveway - 12' x 2', and the land sits against a brick/concrete fence that divides my neighbor and I.
All the videos/tutorials I've seen, makes a 4' frame container (wood) for a raised bed, and I am wondering if I make a 12 - 16" (height) raised bed against this brick/concrete wall, and try to save land space by making it 3 sided and using the wall as the 4th side, will this work ?

Will the dirt in the raised bed eventually cause the bed to give way (from watering? If so, is there any suggestion you can give to help me with stake it in.. -- the soil itself is tough and only goes to about 5 inches at most (sometimes I hit concrete when I go further, and sometimes I can go further).

I would really like to make use of this strip as it gets a lot of sun as my backyard is primarily shaded.

Thank you! (I would be happy to provide a picture if it helps the visualization, but can only do so 8 hours from now).

Thanks !


You can by all means use that strip for a raised bed garden. Any size in width and length on my site is merely a suggestion. However, just keep in mind that that is a fairly narrow space, and crowding could be an issue. But I think with some strategic planning and thinking ahead, you'll be fine.

Also, construction material CAN be mixed-matched. Using the concrete wall as the fourth side is a superb idea, and one that I would use if I had the chance.

As far as your soil is concerned though, sounds like to me you might need to amend it. That means adding something like compost to the already existing soil. You might even need to go as far as removing all of the old, tough and hard soil and replacing it with new. The last suggestion being the best...some times the hardest though.

Sounds like you're on the right track. When you get it done, post us a photo or two so we can see how it turned out.


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