Part 2:
Build A Terrarium As A Long
Lasting Indoor or Outdoor Garden

As we learn how to build a Terrarium, whether it's our first, second, third, etc., we can always learn some helpful tips on our way.

We're discussing and will discuss basics, but if you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT!

So....dreaming of a great size? Maybe a plethora of vegetation? What about waterfalls with lizards and frogs jumping and playing?

Can you see it? Wow!! I can!!

Once the foundation of the Terrarium is laid, the sky's the limit! Exotic terrarium plants, exotic animals!!! Once the basics are achieved, adding that waterfall or driftwood for added attraction can easily be done.

Use everything you find in the tips boxes and videos to build the foundation upon.... and then......just keep building!!

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Base Layer Videos

Container Gardening Tip

Remember when choosing your base layer, weigh the advantages and disadvantages carefully. Just because one person thinks one thing is an advantage, that might not be the case in your instance.


Here's a visual aide for the different types of Base Layers one can choose from to build a Terrarium.

Three main sources for a Base Layer are:

  1. Gravel
  2. Clay Beads
  3. Charcoal

This awesome video clip discusses the pros and cons of all three. Your decision will be made much easier after viewing.

Click ONCE on the small arrow at the bottom-left-corner of the screen (not the arrow in the middle of the screen) to watch this video.

So to re-cap.

  • Charcoal will do sort-of-a recycling for you. However,....if you don't want to worry with the mess of charcoal, "steer clear."
  • Gravel on the other is not messy at all, but pretty heavy. If your Terrarium will not me transported in or out, than no problem usingthe gravel. It, as well as Clay Beads, will drain well for you.
  • Previously mentioned, Clay Beads can offer great drainage. As well, it can offer a great solution to the weight of a Terrarium. Terrific if one wants the Terrarium to be mobile!!


Next on the agenda, is installing our chosen base layer. A pretty simple process. Just remember to make it a little under 2" or so thick.

In this video clip, you'll see that demonstration, plus a tutorial on how to construct the base layer and soil divider using screen.

Click ONCE on the small arrow at the bottom-left-corner of the screen (not the arrow in the middle of the screen) to watch this video.

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