Bringing Indoors Plants Back Into The House


What should I do before bringing my indoor house plants back into my house?


Great question!

First thing to do is inspect the plant for insects. Look on top and under the leaves and stems. A magnifying glass should be used to spot smaller insects such as spider mites.

If you don't mind doing it, it's a great idea to remove the root ball from the container so as to inspect the root system. Look for any infestation of bugs. Webbing, etc. might be noticed along with actual insects.

Also, be mindful of the room temperature. Your plants are now used to cool nights. Bringing them into a sunny window where temps are quite "cozy" for people won't be the right thing to do.

Try to find a place that is rather cool, and then graduate them into the warmer temps as there time indoors progresses.

Thanks for the question and good luck!!

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That worked
by: euro

You've saved my plants with this tip. Thanks for sharing.

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