A Boston Fern How-To
(Nephrolepis exaltata)

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Container Garden Boston Fern

Sword Fern Care

Sword fern
Tiger fern
House Plant or Tropical
Zone_9 Zone_11 Zone 9-11
Water_use_2 Water_use_4 Low to High Water Use
Exposure_2 Exposure_2 Part Shade
18" (45cm) High
Moderate Growth Rate

Wild versions are native to Florida, and South and Central America. They have green fronds up to three feet long and six inches wide stemming from underground rhizomes.

The species is a popular fern for indoor cultivation and there are now dozens of cultivars available. Although they require a warm humid climate in which to thrive outdoors, they can be successfully grown indoors in any region.


They like a rich fertile soil. While they tolerate drought, they thrive only with moisture; keep them well watered and remember that plants in pots outdoors tend to dry out quicker than those indoors.

If growing this fern indoors, keep it away from direct heat and air conditioning, as well as from fans. Mist the fern every day if the humidity is low.


This fern is great in semi-shaded areas. Great as a Hanging Basket.


The plant has few problems if they are kept moist, but not soggy.

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