blossoms dry up

by Beverly
(Sarasosta, FL)


I have a lot of blossoms on the plants but then they dry up and fall off?


Hello Beverly,
What is occurring with your plant is: Blossom-Drop. The plant is producing blooms but fails to produce fruit. The BIGGEST reason for this kind of ailment, is temperature extremes. Has your temperature fallen below 55 degrees at night? Has it risen to above 90 degrees? If so, that's most likely your culprit.

Hi exposure to Nitrogen Fertilizer could also be the problem.

The best way to rebound from this, is to keep the plants DEEP Watered at least once a week. Also, think about a way you could protect the plant if the temp might fall below the 55 degrees mentioned above.

The good news is, keep them maintained, and they will bounce back when our temperatures become more stabilized.

If you think temperature is the cause, next year think about timing your planting time a little different so the plants won't go through the same Blossom-Drop.

Good Luck,

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