Black Bottoms on my Tomato Box Tomatoes

by Annette
(Bakersfield, CA)


I have tomato boxes that I purchased. You plant the tomatoes in the pot that comes with packages of nutrients and you water from the bottom of the pot. It says to keep the bottom filled with water, which I have done. I did not add any other fertilizers etc. because I assumed that the nutrients they gave were sufficient. Now my tomatoes are getting black bottoms which I think is blossom end rot.

What can I do to remedy this?



You are right, that is Blossom End Rot.

There's a couple of things that I've seen to cause blossom end rot. And that's a poor watering schedule and not enough fertilizing. I guess the hard thing to which is lacking, the watering or the nutrients. I'm afraid, without seeing the plant, I can't make the call. But if you can figure which it is, blossom end rot is a controllable problem.

Get the right combo, and the problem will go away.
Great Luck,

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