Bird Nest Fern
(Asplenium nidus)

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Bird's Nest Fern Houseplant

Bird Nest Fern Care

Bird's nest fern
House Plant or Tropical
Zone_9 Zone_11 Zone 9-11
Water_use_3 Water_use_3 Average Water Use
Exposure_2 Exposure_2 Part Shade
Slow Growth Rate

Like many fern types, this plant has long, broad leaves. It is a tropical epiphyte.

Great for outdoors, this very unusual plant makes for a great conversation piece indoors.

A lovely addition to any home!!

Fern Care

Bird’s nest plant is an epiphyte, so it needs very coarse soil. It can also grow in media like chopped osmunda or fern chips. It needs a lot of humidity. It thrives in moist soil, but over watering must be avoided.

As with several types of ferns, allow the soil to dry inbetween waterings, and maintain good drainage. Fertilize during growth season (i.e. spring and summer).

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Ornamental. Great HousePlant/Indoor Fern. Great for a Fern Garden.


Birds nest ferns are susceptible to attacks by scales, spider mites, and mealy bugs. Yellowing leaves, browning leaves, and excessive curling of leaves are signs of poor culture or a poor environment.

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