Angel Wing Begonia
(Begonia coccinea)

Angel Wing Begonia Houseplant

Begonia are attractive, flowering houseplants suitable for hanging baskets and other household planting containers. There are many hybrids to choose from with flower color variations in many colors.

The leaf on the Angel Wing plant has a thick "textured look" that compliments the delicate nature of the flowers.

Angel wing
House Plant or Tropical
Water_use_3 Water_use_4 Average to High Water Use
Exposure_2 Exposure_2 Part Shade
8" (20cm) High
12" (30cm) Wide
Rapid Growth Rate

Growing Angel Wing

Growing the Angel Wing is easy to do, however they do like consistent moisture. They prefer diffused light.

Angel Wing propagation is simple since they are easily rooted from cuttings.

Plant Tips:

  • Remove up to 87% of indoor pollution within 24 hours with a spider plant!
  • Get rid of the dust on your houseplants and give them a refreshing shower by popping them in the garden during a light rain. This saves on your water bills too - and avoids the need to buy special wipes to clean the leaves. Alternatively, use a discarded teabag or the inside of a banana skin to wipe the dusty leaves of houseplants and give them a shine.


Decorative house plant.



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