Areca palms

by Suzette

Areca Palm House Plant

Areca Palm House Plant


Have received 4 large Areca Palms and not sure what they require. Direct sun? Lots of water, little water? Best soil to plant in? Any suggestions are welcome.


One thing to keep in mind regarding the Areca Palm, is that almost all of these houseplants will eventually have brown tips on the end of the leaves. DO NOT prune them. This will stop their growth. Only prune dead branches.

Also, you should give this palm lots of indirect sun through the day. So keep it near a window with lots of light, but keep it 6 feet or so away so it doesn't directly hit the plant.

Areca palms need moist soil. So water heavy and don't let the soil get dry....keep it damp. With that said however, don't let the roots stand in water or else it could develop root rot.

Good indirect sunlight and damp soil is a must.

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